we all…

we all…
want to,
inspire people,–
want to,
motivate people,–
want to,
make them feel lucky,–
and make ourselves their role models.


right choice!

On my previous post entitled “you okay!/?”,  I said it feels like I am on the process of trying to love what I am doing instead of doing what I love. Well yeah… It was little bit true but I am fine and doing greatly good on my own. It is just I am happy to be here, no forces, no pressure, but happiness. At least that’s how I feel at the moment and ain’t I gonna complain anything for I chose this myself and I gotta take the responsibility.

Turn back time, last year, hmm maybe long before I finished my bachelor degree, I said to myself, literally thousands of times, never will ever take linguistics as my next study. I was like I did not want to learn about those linguistics’ branches anymore, semiotic, semantic, whatsoever.

HOWEVER, here I am now, I am about to start my first class on this major and what surprise me, I AM COMPLETELY FEELING WELL, my body and soul, and even my brain are so steady and ready for this new journey, yeah this is the RIGHT CHOICE!

I haven’t been a month here but it feel like everything is so right and I don’t regret anything. I always say “semoga kita bisa menjadi pribadi yang lebih baik”, and I am glad for always saying that phrase because I feel it atm.


I could say I am glad to choose something that is more challenging for me.

Lastly, (I know no one will read this but me), I know you are in the hardest time when you are put in the position to choose between something you love and something you WILL/MUST love. But honey, it is even harder when you got no choice but to go to this side. So please have faith, God will never put you in the position you can’t carry on.

we all are going to be okay and get the thing we want as long as we fight for it!

(first time writing in pc lol why does it feel so nice hmm)





sometimes you feel like you deserve something but it didn’t come to you.

then for some reason something you thought will never become yours happen to be the thing that comes to you.

yeah honey, we’re the planners but Allah knows what’s best for us.

have faith in Him.

you okay!/?

i know this is going to be very cliche, it is always been “do what you love” or “love what you do“… but i always want the first one, doing what i love, so that i would enjoy everything.

but i come to this point again. just like what happened when i took my bachelor degree, i was trying to prevent myself from taking any major relating to English. however, Allah brought me to English Literature. yet!!!! i love English even i tried to avoid it.

and now, im about to start my higher level, taking Linguistic. a major that i always said i didn’t want to take. i want to take American Studies or other major that related to Social life, culture, yet still link with Literature. yeah, American Studies is the best one.

i know it might not love what you do again, but i gotta take do what you love.


it is just, i want you guys to know (if someone even read this LOLOL), you just plan things, the rest is Allah’s. and when it comes, nothing you can do but to face it, thing you have started.

is it going to be hard? i have no idea but if it still goes like how i finished my bachelor, then i would love it.